BYF: this is my main/priv, req ok when priv, i mainly tweet about bx/cix n txt , i use gifs a lot, i tweet about txt in spanish like 90% of the time, i dont really use tws/cws.

DFI: you ult skz or enha / defend their problematic pasts (kys btw), if ur gonna correct my spanish (die), cant handle ur favs being called out for problematic behavior, put kpop above morals, take kpop way too seriously, ship real people esp kpop idols, cant handle depressed gay people (me), SHIP TXT GET A JOB MY GOD.

music: bx yeonjun soobin yoongi dahyun yonghee junhan gaon chaeryeong yeojin bahiyyih hikaru momo . . . cix txt bts twice itzy loona kep1 xh purki nct dream ot3 aespa stayc chebul p1h ateez

notes: i do not take kpop seriously only cix and txt with everyone else i just enjoy the music. i dont care if u stan enha but dont defend them when they do something racist. i dont mind if u stan skz (no ulting) just dont be annoying. if you stan oh my girl go kys.

more: i change the look of my carrd a lot but the info pretty much stays the same. i post all of my carrd on my pinterest tho so good look pleek.